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Hello, I’m Yaeli!
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Jewelry Designer – Art Therapist – Small Business Owner

I’ve been passionate about making jewelry and sharing it with others my entire life.
Handmaking jewelry started as a creative outlet, inspired by my training in art therapy, and has blossomed into a business that shares my work with people all around the world.

Jewelry As Fine Art

I believe that careful attention to detail takes a dream and turns it into wearable poetry.
Whether it’s a geometric design or a highly detailed one, my jewelry design process is filled with serenity, freedom, and skillful craftsmanship.Each piece is designed to bring joy!
I hope that my pieces bring you as much happiness wearing as I got from making them.

About me

Hi I’m yaeli
I am the owner and designer of BYYAELI STUDIO
Design has been and still is a big part of my life.

Ever since I can remember I have been creating and designing jewelry, today I realized that jewelry design was and still is my therapy, a way to express myself in this world.

Jewelry design for me is a place of serenity, creativity and freedom that makes me feel alive.
Ever since I was little I have loved making jewelry for others, every piece of jewelry I make is a small piece of my heart and it makes me so happy to know that there are people in this world who wear and love my jewelry.
That is what jewelry making means to me.

Commission a Piece

Geometric necklaces and jewelry, Judaica Hamsa necklaces, Celtic necklaces, minimalist earrings, nature necklaces, or your own design…

Tell me what you have in mind, and I’ll design and create a unique piece of jewelry from scratch.

Customer service and materials

I think any good self-respecting business will first and foremost deal with the quality of the materials it uses and its customer service.

The most important thing for me as a small business owner is my quality control and the satisfaction of my customers.

I carefully select my suppliers and buy my materials only from stores that are allowed to sell noble metal like pure silver and Goldfilled.

The choice of materials is important but in fact it is only the beginning, from the initial design to the finished product I monitor the quality and do not compromise on less than perfect.

I am always available for any question, and happy to help my Customers in any way I can.

These are the foundations of my business.

Durable Yet Delicate Jewelry

I use only top quality genuine metals and materials – for the silver necklaces I use only Sterling silver chains, hoops, clasps and rings, and for the pendants and charms I use real silver plated brass.

For gold necklaces I use only gold-filled chains, hoops, clasps and rings, and for the pendants and charms I use real 24K gold plated brass.

I use ‘gold-filled’ to give my jewelry extra durability – without the high price tag or relatively short lifespan of pure gold jewelry which is known to wear down and tarnish within just a couple of years.
Gold filled is a layer of gold that’s bonded to another metal, like silver or bras.
This ensures that it doesn’t flake off, discolor, or cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. And it’ll stay more beautiful, for longer!


I find inspiration in almost everything around me, Whether it’s from nature, cultures, happy moments, sad moments, movies, dreams, different artist in the world, from my kids and my family, anything can inspire me.

I think we should look at those around us with our eyes open.
Get inspired and never stop learning and developing as a person and as an artist.

Where I Get My Inspiration

I draw my inspiration from nature, contemporary trends that I find beautiful, my background in art history, and ancient cultures to create unique and timeless pieces that will enrich your personal style.

If you’re looking for unique jewelry that’s been lovingly handcrafted, I’m your girl. I’m based in Israel, but I send my pieces next day to NY and from there to every corner of the globe.